What does it cost?

The usage of tObserver is free and you can use it to monitor as many instances as you want. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details.

Why another TYPO3 monitoring solution?

I'm aware, that tObserver for some features is similar to TYPO3 Caretaker or TYPO3 monitor. Anyway, I love coding and creating own solutions, so I decided to create my own TYPO3 monitoring tool.

What data will be transfered from my TYPO3 instance to tObserver

The tObserver TYPO3 extension is open source and can be viewed public on GitHub. The following data will be transmitted by the tObserver TYPO3 extension to the tObserver server:

  • TYPO3 core version number
  • Active TYPO3 backend users
    • User ID
    • Username (anonymized)
    • Realname (anonymized)
    • Admin-Status
    • Last Login
  • Local installed TYPO3 extensions
    • Extension Key
    • Version
    • Title
    • Installation state
  • PHP
    • Version number
    • memory_limit
    • max_execution_time
    • post_max_size
    • max_file_uploads
    • upload_max_filesize
    • php_sapi_name()
  • Operating System
    • php_uname()
    • Platform
  • Webserver
    • Server software

Who has access to instance data?

Only the user (and of course me) who created the TYPO3 instance on tObserver is able to access the instance data.