In order to keep your TYPO3 websites future-proof and secure, it is required that you frequently update the TYPO3 core and installed extensions. If you do this task for a handfull of TYPO3 websites, it may be easy to keep an overview of available updates, but with a growing amount of TYPO3 websites, you may experience that it is hard to keep the overview consistent.

One solution to keep an overview is tObserver. By adding your TYPO3 instances to tObserver, you will get a central overview of all outstanding TYPO3 core and extension updates. tObserver also warns you, when you use a TYPO3 core version or TYPO3 extensions which has known security issues.

You can configure a daily, weekly or monthly e-mail report, that contains important information about the status of each TYPO3 instance individually.

View all your TYPO3 instances in a central overview Screenshot of the central overview of TYPO3 instances


Below follows a list of already implemented features

  • Central overview of TYPO3 instances
  • Updated data from TYPO3 instances will show in realtime
  • Unidirectional data transfer from the TYPO3 website to the tObserver server
  • Information about available TYPO3 core updates per instance
  • Information about available TYPO3 extension updates per instance
  • Highlighting of vulnerable TYPO3 core versions and extension
  • Central overview of installed TYPO3 extensions for all instances
  • Daily, weekly or monthly e-mail notifications per instance
  • Show inactive backend users per instance
  • Add individual notes to each instance
  • Add individual tags to each instance
  • Notification groups for instance notification
  • Monitor HTTP status of given URLs
  • Indiviual logfile of TYPO3 core, TYPO3 extensions and backend user changes
Details for a TYPO3 Instance Screenshot of an instance with an outdated and vulnerable TYPO3 core