tObserver - free TYPO3 monitoring

Managing dozens of TYPO3 websites can by very time consuming when you manually have to check each website for TYPO3 core and extension updates. tObserver gives you a global overview and makes it easier to keep TYPO3 websites future-proof and secure.

Keep updated

Managing and updating multiple TYPO3 instances will become much easier, as tObserver gives you a global overview of all installed TYPO3 core versions and TYPO3 extensions including available updates for both.

Find security risks

tObserver shows you all TYPO3 instances with vulnarable TYPO3 core versions and vulnerable TYPO3 extensions. tObserver also keeps an eye on TYPO3 backend users and will show a warning, if a user did not login for a given amount of time.

Get notified

You can create a daily, weekly or monthly e-mail report for each TYPO3 instance. The e-mail report contains important information like TYPO3 core- and extension updates as well as known security issues for the used TYPO3 core and all installed extensions.